Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Okay this is my beyond pathetic story.


current status!

Okay, I just met Arifuddin a.k.a Rich a.k.a OUR CLASS MONITOR online (its not that special)

LIZA: mu nak g KFC lepas nih

RICH: ya kowt

LIZA: tolong ejah makanan! =D

RICH: mu nak gapo gilo
(see how he talks to me!)

LIZA: snek plate!

then rich changed the topic and said he wanted to bathe....

what the toooooottttt!
okay nevermind
chill dude

remember my hungry face earlier....

soon it became this!!

so i decided to take a bath..
following rich's good example

because I ....had

so I gathered all my bathing supplies...shampoo, soappp, facial wash, toothpaste...bucket, and went to the toilet....

i turned on the tap and

BASKET!  there was not a drop of water! the picture exaggerated on that point...


i just wanted to point out that

1. we need to save water

2. Arifuddin is mean sometimes

3. IPDA has shiny taps like that.

I was famished, 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

coz we are so young now..we are so young so young now!

oKAY saturday, 25th September, day before our ASS was due., lunch at mentors house!!!! woo hooo
Girls were asked to come at 10.00 am to help with the cooking,

 and the boys later at 2pm to EAT!...

but im a NOOB in the kitchen , so i found myself more at home with domestic cleaning chores...

Puan Sathirah joked that we were her half day "bibiks"....

I assume bibiks mean maids or something

previously I thought bibiks were "perempuan simpanan" or something...=S


the eating part was one of the highlights I must say!
I had TWO bowls of Laksam and Randang, cookies, Rojak buah, and Pudding!



but above all, I really enjoyed the company! I  wish everyone could have come, but that was unavoidable. anyway the rest of us ALL hadn't  finished our assignments and came, spent time together, laughed, joked and ATE till or tummies nearly burst with all that RENDANG  puddingthatimade!

slowly the house became more increasingly crowded because more and more of Pn Sathirah's other students were we sloowwwlyyy.....went from the sofa the table. the stairs, the floor....
 then we decided to go home lahh...


Reminder to all first timers, 

  1. ROJAK BUAH does not need hot water added to it ....I got owned by Zaini...who made up some crap lie, and I believed him...ENDED up eating watery rojakkk...
The Culprit! 

2. Thanks to ikhwan who ran around taking most of the photos and was hardly in any

in front of the mirror XD

3. these 3 WERE RESPONSIBLE for the delicious RENDANG!
4. These two were responsible for the super awesome delicious fuyohh pudding!!!
emily and I
5. These two were responsible for everything else!

adilah and sin ni!

I'm sure most of yall are wondering

Emily digging in to the LAICHI pudding

okay RICH is OBVIOUSLY enjoying this delicacy!

"HEY LOOK I found some pudding!"

tee hee

what more can I say? =D

Thursday, 23 September 2010

suDAH jAtUH DiTiMpA TANgGa! =S

A week ago ago my lecturer told us about this little law called Murphy's law. Mr. Murphy said that anything that can go wrong Will go wrong.

Ever had one of those days, where you're running late for work and all the traffic lights on the way are red, and THEN you get caught speeding, yeah that kinda sums up Murphy's Law.

yesterday evening was an evening like any other evening of the many evenings I have experienced.

it started with a stomach ache...from the cafeteria food

so I crawled to the toilet
but some idiot girl always leaves the cubicle smelly!
so I had a quick peep and heard a "Plop"!
Everything went blur and I realised 

my glasses were 
scuttling down the highly urine lubricated bowl
I didn't really want to catch it, but my hand stretched out anyway
but nooo...
In a flash... I saw my blue blue glasses no more...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ever been attacked by so much of foul language at once?
'kawe' have!!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Today was PLEASANT

    Okay let's start with how there was NO social studies in the morning! That means I sleeeeppppptttt

and woke up at 8am!

So I put the finishing touches on my LDV assignment (that was bugging my life for two weeks!) had bread

the together with some kaya!

Had a bath at 9am

And continued preparing power point presentation for LDV

I'm a noob at preparing WOW powerpoints. Okay no one touches the TEXTURE backgrounds except slides always look like this


Moving on, I rushed to class, and mr. whathisname wanted to know the progress on our math folio. 0% in my case.

Then we rushed to LDV class for the presentations

I was third to present...and my slides were brown and unfinished!

But anyway...presented...not too bad lah...Mdm Ranjani cut me off halfway for taking too long.

But she was quite polite about it

Liza: and so because of this...

Mdm Ranjani: So have you finished?

Liza: err wha...? yes I pretty much have...*gulp*

Mdm Ranjani: Finished ah...

Liza: yes. Ahem so thats it. *smile* okay thank you.

Seriously, she became quite snappy after that..

She would just say THANK YOU! And stop them mid sentence!

Harsh. Much.

That sums up My day..OOOHHHH..joey brought MORE COOKIES!!

Yesterday AZIE BROUGHT the London almond ones!!! Yummy yummy...

And TODAY JOEY brought peanut cookies! Which looked sorta like this

and tasted OHSOGOOD!!

Thanks guys!


LIZA GETS TO BERAYA AT LAST!- this should be the title

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


It's 12am, I have not slept. Jacinta said we have to leave Klang at 3am. That is in 3 hours. I feel like
 but I stay awake
Because...because, it's SO HARD to sleep right now. UNEXPLAINABLE.
 After waiting for a silly reply that never came, my eyelids tell me they've had enough and shut all systems down. 
In the three hours and forty five minutes of precious shut eye that I get, I dream of many things. A scary scene in IPDA where I forgot to prepare my presentation and was screwed on the first day I got back. 

At 3.45 am, my alarm screams( hyperbole) and I jump out of bed. Racing to the bathroom, I definitely think I'm going to be late. No scrub! No facial wash! No soap  shampoo! I bull bathe (mandi kerbau)
At 4.15, I breathlessly ring Jes and say "I'm READY!!"
She has just woken up. *breathe in breathe out*

Okay. Never mind. Lah

So I jump into Darren's car later at about 5.30. But.Whatever. Groggily sitting in the car are Elizabeth and Mingke (they both stayed up damn late doing homework, and hardly got sleep (suddenly I feel damn awake)
and Jes in front. 

We go straight to Yean May's college in Damansara and leave together gether for Broga Hill which is in Semenyih.

At 6.45 ish we reach the base of the trail which actually starts of through an oil palm estate.

The journey begins....

Broga Hill is actually quite popular for a refreshing morning jog or an evening escapade. The trail up is quite clearly marked out, and there is a very slim chance of getting lost, because people are always either coming down or passing you on the way up. In the morning it is quite chilly, and if you want to make it in time for the sunrise, then you have to start up at about 6am to reach the "Landing of Awesome View" and wait for the sun rise. It can be quite tiring the way up especially if you have no motivation or stamina. LOL but the view and air at the top makes it all worth it. Then think about coming down.

Then later we reach the top lah...(this is getting too tedious for my fingers and strenuous for my brain) 
We take a lot of photographs along the way. (these will be on facebook in a few days)

Later we breakfast at a chinese restaurant. Dim Sum. 11am. 

bye yean may drive, drive, bye eliz, drive, bye guys,

Hello family, I'm back. Bathe. Sleep. And now Tell YOU...=D 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


SATURDAY 4th September 2010

stayed over in JACINTA's place and talked and talked and talked about shit, us, them, he, she...EVERYTHING la...hadn't seen this bum since July!

and then SKYPED with PAT, who is in India studying dentistry...and left before I came back to say goodbye..=(
but it was pretty weird skyping with pat because her roomate was studying or whatever and pat did not want to be loud so she wore headphones and could hear us but wouldn't talk back

LIZA: hey!!! basket how ya been???

JES: Heyyyyy!!!

Pat: *smile* *types* hey

JES: so whats the latest? hot doctors?,

Pat: *smiles* * nods* *types* yea a few doctors are not bad looking

Liza: I feel like I'm talking to a dumb

Pat: *types* yeah my sister said that as well


after about 45 minutes of getting disconnected, we said our goodbyes.
then I started to think, HOW DIFFICULT it must be to be alllll the wayyyy in INDIA....and THEN be homesick...ergh...but Pat's tough like fact I've heard that she's met a LISA already...tell us when a JESminder comes

after church we met up with ELIZABETH!!! whom I hadn't seen in a LONG LONG time...
breakfast in Jaihinds and caught up with news/gossip in her life and ours....and talked and talked and talked about all the annoying people and happenings in

I learnt how to tie a SARI!!! woot woot!!.Jes had to atttend a wedding and was learning how to tie a sari, so after watching some videos on Youtube, we learnt how to tie together-gether lah...=D =D

not neat but thats the gist of it innit =D

I slept late the night before! trying to start the LDV essay and i did bt soooo far from finishing it...damn,..
and woke up at 8am!!!! surprising muchh....
anyway the whole day was spent at home, exchanging news with the siblings and talking about arranged marriages with mother and sisters...LOL....bummed around
Laura blames me for distracting her from her study plans *massive* by telling stories that she listens to with rapt attention... YOu know yOU LOVe Me Lore Ran....*wink*

at at 8.30 pm that night J.LO calls and suddenly want to go shopping in Jusco!...babi seeing that Jusco closes at 10pm. she seemed to think we would get in some decent shopping done so we went with Darren in his car.

turns out Jusco was closing at 12am that night, so woooohooo....Jes bought about 7 things....i got three blouses!!!! that were not black....

THERE was this bright yellow size M
i looked like the HULK
AND there was no L size...babi
so i took the same blouse in red colour...oh well.....=D

but something else happened that day, which i can't mention....and it stressed me out a bit....but I HAVE vented

Thursday, 2 September 2010

HOME at last

okay it is kindorff pathetic that it took 5 blog posts from me getting out of ipda till i reached lame...but whatever

okay that had to be the best bus ride of my life!...because i opened up my laptop and listened to music...yeah thats it! music!

the guy next to me was snoring so freaking loudly BUT did i HEAR????? NOOOO!! coz i had my earplugs on and was listening to music! yeah thats it! music!...okay something else MUST have happened right?...YESS

I got on the internet and read my friend Hafiz's new blog. he hadn't updated so i checked out his follower list, and DISCOVERED that a lot of my classmates had blogs!!
1. AZIE- so i read it and clicked follow
2. ARIFFUDIN- whos blog is quite funneh!! and very arifuddinny
3. JOEY- who has chun moving word thingy- pro lah...and im following
4. ARIF RUZLAN - who just started good event

As i read the blog, i realised that the person was referring to me....and i started to cry in the bus!!!! WHAT THE EFF?!!...couldn't control was touching, coz i NEVER KNEW it boy I NEVER KNEW it

i had a lot of pringles and kacang with me, so i Ate them...ok.moving on.

anyway, then my laptop battery ran i started sms-ing the world.
1.Told my room mate not to wait in the dark and get raped.
2. Told zainy i was in mount moria...whch he did not understand
3. told faiqah and danial happy hols.. hidup IP!!
4. told the church aunties i wold be back in two weeks
5. told ruzlan i read his blog

and finally my father said "call when you reach rawang"

but i slept

when i woke up i panicked and simply told him we reached rawang edi.....but actually we hadn't passed IPOH yet...IPOH IS SOO big, its annoying...

blah blah blah....sleep sleep sleep....msg msg papa...HOME!


okay i got on the bus...which means i caught it on time...

so at 5.20 i was at the guard house... and who should be there "makan-ing angin" but furqhan my tesl junior who's aite we were chatting. apparently he's from kelantan NOT terengganu as i had thought...

liza: so camne duk bawah backdrop bawah kepimpinan mat arih

fur: okay, bes gak....dia

liza: ya? dia ok r...?

fur: yeah gila gila sikit

liza: areh gila gila? ker??!...wa

fur: ah dia jenis yg senyap kan

liza: ya

fr: ha yelah kita faham

ok i don't get the last bit but, this was a pleasant

anyway then i found out someother stuff about him and him about me...and then i really needed to start calling some mode of transport it was 5.45ppm....bus at 6.30
i THOUGHT i could just hop on to any passing van and get a ride....but the two that passed were both full...bugger....

then furqan suggested tumpang ing with some college kids that were driving there...and i was like errr...NO...what is that...

then i braved myself to call up the van guy....(because i hate the van gys) and they hate me...

liza: hello pakcik boleh tak hantar saya pi tanah merah dari ipda

van man: kami tak keluar

liza: huh??? (i mean did YOU understand that?)

van : tak keluar dah...TOOT TOOT TOOT (he put off the phone!)


van 2

liza: hello pak cik nak g tanah merah boley tak?

van man: berapa orang ni?

liza: setakat ini sorang jah

van man: seorang jah...???

*furqhan sign language*

liza: tolong lah pak cik bas sampai dalam 15 minit (mild exaggeration)

van : tengok lah tadak orang nak g pasar malam ke, boleh pak cik ambik skali

liza: ok saya tanya pastu call balik ek?.


so im at my wits end, and then la di da this van appears vrooommm...wooooohooooo
so i, say goodbye to furqan, thank him for the company, and wish him happy holidays and raya and fly to the van.!!!
okay, my bus arrives in two hours, and i don't knwo how i'm going to get to the terminal! bwahhahaha!!
option 1 taxi...if he can make it on time...he said..

option 2 van...which will only come if theres about 5 of us, which there isn' i might have to just wait for one and tumpang, which is never wise...

option 3...walk...ok no

option theres none!...

packing 95% done....5% is the laptop, and shoes!...fuck kk i need to go pack

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


okay one event that I completely forgot to mention is the merdeka poem recital which i took part in.
actually, Mr. Siva asked me to get someone to recite a poem in english since i was the ex-ELS president. so i was thinking, "as if i don't have enough shite to worry about" finding someone? who would i pick? who would want to willingly??

and then suddenly i got bummed that no one asked me to do it....cheh! so i thought, "since i am in charge of finding someone, i'll ask myself to do it...HAHA" and that is how i volunteered to enter.

poem problem.
i hate memorising things. something i would definitely have to do if I found a poem online. so I toyed with the idea of writing a poem myself...for inspiration i looked up videos on slam poetry, a very expressive form of poetry that i kinda enjoyed. after watching a number of poets, I WAS INSPIRED....ok not quite

i had subject matter, freedom or patriotism.....but HOW to put it in a not so boring way...i knew that i DID NOT want to do the traditional....titisan air mata merdeka type thingy....i wanted mine to be a biiittt......errr younger?

so i started off with bits here and there...and came up with a long (tad bit draggy) piece that i was satisfied with....i showed my eng lect. and she was fine with it....


i was a bit jittery, but i knew i wold be fine on stage because that always was the case with me....the adrenaline was good, and i prayed that no one would sleep and everyone would find it in their hearts to listen to the poem lol!....

so i went on and asked them to lend me their ears.....the crowd was made up of juniors....all juniors, plus the TESL groups...

and then i forgot the lines. i wanted to kick my ass on stage for not practicing i was frozen to the spot...

i know everyone is praying i'll remember the words...and my mind is BLANK!!!! then suddenly, like an angel, EMily, comes on stage and passes me the paper....PHEWWWW!! she has no idea how grateful i am....baaaahhhhhhhhh


ooh yesterday, apart from me going out and buying cards (as huge as tht was) we had our class party! in a THAI RESTAURANT called san THAI....!!! but the food was okay oni lah...actually the soup was not hot nor was it spicy...the best thing about the meal was this fried "sotong' dish....yummeh...

since it was a buka puasa affair, we waited for a bit until 7.30 and the Muslims could "sapede"

i love love love class gatherings like this because they are the times when we are together and lepaking WITHOUT having to discuss any stupid assignment or homework!

okay but as usual...

there were TWO big for the boys, one for the girls, just like
but somehow joey ended up at our table coz there was ONE spot left and shaleny and vina decided to sit at the other table together....

joey eats like a mofo!!! whaaaaaackkkk...gone!!
anyway so for that night, ikhwan was walking around taking photos

My social radius for that night extended to the three people around me, joey left, emily right, and niah across....oh and mira, when i asked her to pass the sauce....=S BUT STILL i love love love gatherings like this....

our mentor came as well (mr.siva) that was very cool.

anyway we started eating at 7.30 and left at 8.00pm SHARP, owh but before that, hafiz blew up some chun firecrackers it was short but *smile*


it's the raya holidays's nice to think back as a whole year that i've been here with these guys...raya marks the spot.
i FEEL so DAMN MATURE compared to last year. =D =D
yesterday, i went out and got raya cards for those celebrating. 14 of them. and as i sat down and wrote on each card, i remembered last raya's cards to them and how my messages have changed.

to some i was less personal, and only wished happy holidays,

to some I was a bit more personal compared to last year, having gotten to know them better.

and to some, nothing much had changed since last year,

i am very grateful for the small class size. 19 of us. and hope that we stay friends for life....

anyway, enough SENTIMENTAL crap....

As excited as I am to be going back, this PACKING business is KILLING ME, PISSING OFF, and sucking the JOY OUT OF THE looming 7 hour bus ride....