Thursday, 2 September 2010

HOME at last

okay it is kindorff pathetic that it took 5 blog posts from me getting out of ipda till i reached lame...but whatever

okay that had to be the best bus ride of my life!...because i opened up my laptop and listened to music...yeah thats it! music!

the guy next to me was snoring so freaking loudly BUT did i HEAR????? NOOOO!! coz i had my earplugs on and was listening to music! yeah thats it! music!...okay something else MUST have happened right?...YESS

I got on the internet and read my friend Hafiz's new blog. he hadn't updated so i checked out his follower list, and DISCOVERED that a lot of my classmates had blogs!!
1. AZIE- so i read it and clicked follow
2. ARIFFUDIN- whos blog is quite funneh!! and very arifuddinny
3. JOEY- who has chun moving word thingy- pro lah...and im following
4. ARIF RUZLAN - who just started good event

As i read the blog, i realised that the person was referring to me....and i started to cry in the bus!!!! WHAT THE EFF?!!...couldn't control was touching, coz i NEVER KNEW it boy I NEVER KNEW it

i had a lot of pringles and kacang with me, so i Ate them...ok.moving on.

anyway, then my laptop battery ran i started sms-ing the world.
1.Told my room mate not to wait in the dark and get raped.
2. Told zainy i was in mount moria...whch he did not understand
3. told faiqah and danial happy hols.. hidup IP!!
4. told the church aunties i wold be back in two weeks
5. told ruzlan i read his blog

and finally my father said "call when you reach rawang"

but i slept

when i woke up i panicked and simply told him we reached rawang edi.....but actually we hadn't passed IPOH yet...IPOH IS SOO big, its annoying...

blah blah blah....sleep sleep sleep....msg msg papa...HOME!

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