Tuesday, 7 September 2010


SATURDAY 4th September 2010

stayed over in JACINTA's place and talked and talked and talked about shit, us, them, he, she...EVERYTHING la...hadn't seen this bum since July!

and then SKYPED with PAT, who is in India studying dentistry...and left before I came back to say goodbye..=(
but it was pretty weird skyping with pat because her roomate was studying or whatever and pat did not want to be loud so she wore headphones and could hear us but wouldn't talk back

LIZA: hey!!! basket how ya been???

JES: Heyyyyy!!!

Pat: *smile* *types* hey

JES: so whats the latest? hot doctors?,

Pat: *smiles* * nods* *types* yea a few doctors are not bad looking

Liza: I feel like I'm talking to a dumb

Pat: *types* yeah my sister said that as well


after about 45 minutes of getting disconnected, we said our goodbyes.
then I started to think, HOW DIFFICULT it must be to be alllll the wayyyy in INDIA....and THEN be homesick...ergh...but Pat's tough like that...in fact I've heard that she's met a LISA already...tell us when a JESminder comes along...lol

after church we met up with ELIZABETH!!! whom I hadn't seen in a LONG LONG time...
breakfast in Jaihinds and caught up with news/gossip in her life and ours....and talked and talked and talked about all the annoying people and happenings in Malaysia...lol..waahh

I learnt how to tie a SARI!!! woot woot!!.Jes had to atttend a wedding and was learning how to tie a sari, so after watching some videos on Youtube, we learnt how to tie together-gether lah...=D =D

not neat but thats the gist of it innit =D

I slept late the night before! trying to start the LDV essay and i did bt soooo far from finishing it...damn,..
and woke up at 8am!!!! surprising muchh....
anyway the whole day was spent at home, exchanging news with the siblings and talking about arranged marriages with mother and sisters...LOL....bummed around
Laura blames me for distracting her from her study plans *massive* by telling stories that she listens to with rapt attention... YOu know yOU LOVe Me Lore Ran....*wink*

at at 8.30 pm that night J.LO calls and suddenly want to go shopping in Jusco!...babi seeing that Jusco closes at 10pm. she seemed to think we would get in some decent shopping done so we went with Darren in his car.

turns out Jusco was closing at 12am that night, so woooohooo....Jes bought about 7 things....i got three blouses!!!! that were not black....

THERE was this bright yellow blouse..in size M
i looked like the HULK
AND there was no L size...babi
so i took the same blouse in red colour...oh well.....=D

but something else happened that day, which i can't mention....and it stressed me out a bit....but I HAVE vented

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lol..what happened?!?! =)