Wednesday, 8 September 2010


It's 12am, I have not slept. Jacinta said we have to leave Klang at 3am. That is in 3 hours. I feel like
 but I stay awake
Because...because, it's SO HARD to sleep right now. UNEXPLAINABLE.
 After waiting for a silly reply that never came, my eyelids tell me they've had enough and shut all systems down. 
In the three hours and forty five minutes of precious shut eye that I get, I dream of many things. A scary scene in IPDA where I forgot to prepare my presentation and was screwed on the first day I got back. 

At 3.45 am, my alarm screams( hyperbole) and I jump out of bed. Racing to the bathroom, I definitely think I'm going to be late. No scrub! No facial wash! No soap  shampoo! I bull bathe (mandi kerbau)
At 4.15, I breathlessly ring Jes and say "I'm READY!!"
She has just woken up. *breathe in breathe out*

Okay. Never mind. Lah

So I jump into Darren's car later at about 5.30. But.Whatever. Groggily sitting in the car are Elizabeth and Mingke (they both stayed up damn late doing homework, and hardly got sleep (suddenly I feel damn awake)
and Jes in front. 

We go straight to Yean May's college in Damansara and leave together gether for Broga Hill which is in Semenyih.

At 6.45 ish we reach the base of the trail which actually starts of through an oil palm estate.

The journey begins....

Broga Hill is actually quite popular for a refreshing morning jog or an evening escapade. The trail up is quite clearly marked out, and there is a very slim chance of getting lost, because people are always either coming down or passing you on the way up. In the morning it is quite chilly, and if you want to make it in time for the sunrise, then you have to start up at about 6am to reach the "Landing of Awesome View" and wait for the sun rise. It can be quite tiring the way up especially if you have no motivation or stamina. LOL but the view and air at the top makes it all worth it. Then think about coming down.

Then later we reach the top lah...(this is getting too tedious for my fingers and strenuous for my brain) 
We take a lot of photographs along the way. (these will be on facebook in a few days)

Later we breakfast at a chinese restaurant. Dim Sum. 11am. 

bye yean may drive, drive, bye eliz, drive, bye guys,

Hello family, I'm back. Bathe. Sleep. And now Tell YOU...=D 

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