Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Girl's Guide to Living on A2

1.        Microchip clothes pegs!
All your clothes pegs will at some point get stolen.
2.       Don’t be dumb about hanging underwear to dry. You won’t look very cool picking them up from the drain later.
3.       Wringing your clothes over the balcony can be good fun! But for goodness sake don’t do it no matter how much we’re jealous of our ground floor  friends...
4.     Discover the dustbin today!
Onions, bones, and maggi mee strands do not dissolve. DO NOT leave them in the sinkhole.

5.      Fight that urge!
Whenever you want to flush it down the toilet, creatively stick it on the wall, or shove in the flush tank, remember there’s an easier option. SANITARY BINS!
6.     Leave your shampoo and facial wash by the sink again and I SWEAR I will use them. How can you not be afraid of that?!


emily said...

hahhaa..nice post but arent u over exposing everything bout dis 'naughty' A2 gals? hehhe

lizamaria said...

hahaha they deserve it then! lol... memalukan floor jah!