Wednesday, 1 September 2010


ooh yesterday, apart from me going out and buying cards (as huge as tht was) we had our class party! in a THAI RESTAURANT called san THAI....!!! but the food was okay oni lah...actually the soup was not hot nor was it spicy...the best thing about the meal was this fried "sotong' dish....yummeh...

since it was a buka puasa affair, we waited for a bit until 7.30 and the Muslims could "sapede"

i love love love class gatherings like this because they are the times when we are together and lepaking WITHOUT having to discuss any stupid assignment or homework!

okay but as usual...

there were TWO big for the boys, one for the girls, just like
but somehow joey ended up at our table coz there was ONE spot left and shaleny and vina decided to sit at the other table together....

joey eats like a mofo!!! whaaaaaackkkk...gone!!
anyway so for that night, ikhwan was walking around taking photos

My social radius for that night extended to the three people around me, joey left, emily right, and niah across....oh and mira, when i asked her to pass the sauce....=S BUT STILL i love love love gatherings like this....

our mentor came as well (mr.siva) that was very cool.

anyway we started eating at 7.30 and left at 8.00pm SHARP, owh but before that, hafiz blew up some chun firecrackers it was short but *smile*

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