Monday, 20 September 2010

Today was PLEASANT

    Okay let's start with how there was NO social studies in the morning! That means I sleeeeppppptttt

and woke up at 8am!

So I put the finishing touches on my LDV assignment (that was bugging my life for two weeks!) had bread

the together with some kaya!

Had a bath at 9am

And continued preparing power point presentation for LDV

I'm a noob at preparing WOW powerpoints. Okay no one touches the TEXTURE backgrounds except slides always look like this


Moving on, I rushed to class, and mr. whathisname wanted to know the progress on our math folio. 0% in my case.

Then we rushed to LDV class for the presentations

I was third to present...and my slides were brown and unfinished!

But anyway...presented...not too bad lah...Mdm Ranjani cut me off halfway for taking too long.

But she was quite polite about it

Liza: and so because of this...

Mdm Ranjani: So have you finished?

Liza: err wha...? yes I pretty much have...*gulp*

Mdm Ranjani: Finished ah...

Liza: yes. Ahem so thats it. *smile* okay thank you.

Seriously, she became quite snappy after that..

She would just say THANK YOU! And stop them mid sentence!

Harsh. Much.

That sums up My day..OOOHHHH..joey brought MORE COOKIES!!

Yesterday AZIE BROUGHT the London almond ones!!! Yummy yummy...

And TODAY JOEY brought peanut cookies! Which looked sorta like this

and tasted OHSOGOOD!!

Thanks guys!


LIZA GETS TO BERAYA AT LAST!- this should be the title

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