Wednesday, 1 September 2010


okay one event that I completely forgot to mention is the merdeka poem recital which i took part in.
actually, Mr. Siva asked me to get someone to recite a poem in english since i was the ex-ELS president. so i was thinking, "as if i don't have enough shite to worry about" finding someone? who would i pick? who would want to willingly??

and then suddenly i got bummed that no one asked me to do it....cheh! so i thought, "since i am in charge of finding someone, i'll ask myself to do it...HAHA" and that is how i volunteered to enter.

poem problem.
i hate memorising things. something i would definitely have to do if I found a poem online. so I toyed with the idea of writing a poem myself...for inspiration i looked up videos on slam poetry, a very expressive form of poetry that i kinda enjoyed. after watching a number of poets, I WAS INSPIRED....ok not quite

i had subject matter, freedom or patriotism.....but HOW to put it in a not so boring way...i knew that i DID NOT want to do the traditional....titisan air mata merdeka type thingy....i wanted mine to be a biiittt......errr younger?

so i started off with bits here and there...and came up with a long (tad bit draggy) piece that i was satisfied with....i showed my eng lect. and she was fine with it....


i was a bit jittery, but i knew i wold be fine on stage because that always was the case with me....the adrenaline was good, and i prayed that no one would sleep and everyone would find it in their hearts to listen to the poem lol!....

so i went on and asked them to lend me their ears.....the crowd was made up of juniors....all juniors, plus the TESL groups...

and then i forgot the lines. i wanted to kick my ass on stage for not practicing i was frozen to the spot...

i know everyone is praying i'll remember the words...and my mind is BLANK!!!! then suddenly, like an angel, EMily, comes on stage and passes me the paper....PHEWWWW!! she has no idea how grateful i am....baaaahhhhhhhhh

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