Wednesday, 1 September 2010


it's the raya holidays's nice to think back as a whole year that i've been here with these guys...raya marks the spot.
i FEEL so DAMN MATURE compared to last year. =D =D
yesterday, i went out and got raya cards for those celebrating. 14 of them. and as i sat down and wrote on each card, i remembered last raya's cards to them and how my messages have changed.

to some i was less personal, and only wished happy holidays,

to some I was a bit more personal compared to last year, having gotten to know them better.

and to some, nothing much had changed since last year,

i am very grateful for the small class size. 19 of us. and hope that we stay friends for life....

anyway, enough SENTIMENTAL crap....

As excited as I am to be going back, this PACKING business is KILLING ME, PISSING OFF, and sucking the JOY OUT OF THE looming 7 hour bus ride....

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