Thursday, 2 July 2009


ermm....when we discovered Lee Leong Yau and his fart was the only male coming, undoubtedly a few eyebrows were raised.

where was he going to sleep?
why is he the only boy?
why are you travelling with boys?
lizz....(my parents)

but Bryan DID come and we had to lay down a few rules

1. no raping
2. if we were going to play ghost ghost, bryan waits in the bathroom till we finish
3. bryan sleeps on the floor
4. bryan gets up and bathes first

BUT instead this is what happened

1. bryan whined and nagged until we let him sleep on the other bed, while four of us shared two beds...erghhh

2. bryan snored, made weird noises at night, and would not get up!

3.bryan farted like he owned the place.....bryan farted like sock mun, yean may, viola and i did not exist in the room, bryan farted as if the rest of us could not smell, bryan farted as if the aroma of durian gas was damn short bryan farted EVERYWHERE ANYWHERE ANYTIME!...*gags*

4. bryan asked everyone if they had shitted or not. if anyone was in the bathroom, bryan would yell, letting go ah/ pangsai ah/ coming out now ah....

but bryan was useful sometimes...when...he ermmmm...lemme think...he...ummm...when....he carried durians??

nah i'm being too harsh...

your stay was ....appreciated...

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