Sunday, 30 January 2011

Liza The Dragon Slayer

I love it when I remember my dream and it is whole and complete with a proper ending as nonsensical as it may be.

I hate it when something or someone wakes me up when I WANT to know the ending. We all know that going back to sleep will NEVER finish that dream. It's gone...
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I also hate bad dreams. When I was younger I used to dream about shark attacks and lions mauling me.

I just had a dream and I'd like to share it with you.

Up until last night, my dreams have been pretty grounded, nothing out of the ordinary, mostly about people I interacted with recently...(sort of like how facebook chooses your top friends)  lol

But this time, it was Epic.

I slayed a dragon. Full stop. Epic. Full stop. My brother died. Full stop.

not this little guy. that would be like killing a cicak.

it was like this! i was wearing that armor also!

 In my dream, Marc( my younger brother) and I were looking for swords, shields, helmets and armor for our battle with the dragon.

Marc suddenly wanted to be the one to kill it. 

I felt sad at the same time relieved that someone else was willing to do it, because I was terrified. 

MaRc went out first but his shield was made out of paper. The dragon killed him almost immediately. 

We battled in the dry river bed of the White River in Italy. (don't know if this river exists)

I've never had a more thrilling, adrenaline pumped dream EVERR!!!

What Does it Mean

This morning i googled dreams about dragon slaying and found this

Symbolism in Dreams

The Jung/Freud Approach

(1) Is the dragon guarding a treasure, or a cave which might contain treasure? If so, the cave probably represents your unconscious, the treasure represents yourself, the dragon that stands between you and your true self represents the fearsomeness of the unconscious, for one who is still afraid of what may be lurking there. This is a repression of the unconscious contents

(2) For Jung, the first stage of the individuation process is the conscious ego's heroic struggle {the hero/heroine journey of mythology} to lift itself out of the orginal all-encompassing unconsciousness and to establish control of unconscious forces. This finds symbolic representation in the legendary dragon-slayer, St George (St George = the ego; the dragon = the unconscious).

(3) The dragon may represent the devouring aspect of (your relationship with) your mother. 'Slaying the dragon' may therefore mean putting an end to whatever in your attachment to your mother is detrimental to the process of finding your own psychic individuality. Once the individual has achieved liberation from the 'dragon', the feminine side of the man's psyche and the masculine side of the woman's psyche will no longer appear in threatening form, but as an indispensable companion and guide in further stages of self-development.

Interesting huh...

I think people need to pay attention to their dreams sometimes, but reading interpretations like the above shouldn't be taken too seriously.

The dragon could mean anything in the world, whether my mother, or my brains, or my just sounds better coming from the mouth of Jung or Freud.


ARIEF said...

what a dream! complicated..
anyway.. i like that cute rat..holding teddy bear!
auww.. how adorable!

lizamaria said...

but epic! hahah..yea i fell in love with tht pic as well =D