Saturday, 15 January 2011

BY far the hardest

I've been hit with the 25 random things post!
And now I have to respond!
whoever reads (bothers) you're tagged too..
write 25 random things. they have to be random. I repeat random!

1. Poking the slurpee straw into a cup has the same effect as scratching a chalkboard.

2. Pigeons are disgusting stupid not to mention hideous lumps of gray that insult the bird family

3. random. random. I hate restaurantville/city updates spamming my homepage

4. I believed David beckham and Owen to be my long lost brothers once

5.  I fear Failure!

6. I don't trust enough...which oddly enough leaves me very sarcastic

7. Im collecting button badges

8. I hate taking baths but if it rained heavily, I would gladly stand under that shower

9. My braces are still on after four years, I wonder if it's normal

10. I believe in changing slowly

okay this is getting strenuous on the brain. so we'll stop here folks. 
thats it~~

if you're copying this, remember to change it to 10 random things.

=D =D

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