Sunday, 24 October 2010

One Important Memory

Hello reader, 
I hope you had class until 5pm as well! Nyahaha

okay moving on.

I come from an all girls school. Convent Klang.

Once upon a time, when I was 16, a new trainee teacher came in for practicals.

 She had not even begun and we hated her! Of course lah, new teacher...

anyway, she was nervous. it was her first day. She was supposed to do literature with us. 

She introduced herself and where she came from.

And then...suddenly

she made ONE TINY grammatical error. 

I giggled. My friends giggled.

WE STOPPEd listening.

Every time she came in after that, we took it as a free period. 

WE ignored her. 


then one day

She came in...

We ignored her


She she walked to the back row, where I sat and said,

"What did I do wrong? Why won't you girls respect me?"


"I'm just new here. Can't you listen to me when I teach? Why are Convent girls so mean???"

"Every time I come in you laugh at me"

then she cried.

I swear I felt bad...


I just laughed...We all was so pitiful and surprising that, we just laughed.

then my friend said:  
"Teacher, what do you mean we don't respect you? 


"How would you like us to treat you?" 


"Wouldn't you agree that respect should be earned?"

the teacher just cried and walked out of class.

Today my lecturer warned us to beware of the infamous Convent criticism when we teach.

 Looking back I realise how MEAN, RUDE and disrespectful we were. WE expected the English teachers to be perfect.

But that's the reality folks! You teach in a Convent, that's what you're up against. 

My friends and I in form 5. 

I'm not proud of what I did. but Pn. Faridah's example of Convent girls suddenly caused this flashback.

So I'm telling 



arepRuz said...

jahat~mntk2 la aku x d posting kt convent...da la bi aku trok..

lizamaria said...

but getting better

emily said...

hw coud u b so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!
are al convent gals lik u people r???
scary wei..
i oso relix3 hope i dun go to a convent school!!!!!
il fuc**** die there!

lizamaria said...

no no no! lets NOT the good ones also...serious! hahaha...
ader r bitches2 tertentu dlm setiap school
but I AM SORRY for all that...=D =D

Laura Ann said...

OHMYGOD! i CAN't believe you were so mean to the teacher..students like U make a ketua and teachers job so difficult..can't you just sit in front like me and listen or at least laugh discreetly give convent a BAD bad name...