Tuesday, 25 August 2009


i did absolutely NOTHING. except watch csi.

Somehow everyone from my class (in kedah) is asking me if putrajaya is still on. maybe coz i live in selangor, they think i'll pop my head out the window, and see how merdeka preparations are going on...in putrajaya

IM NOT SURE. did you receive a phone call from IPDA? no? neither did I. we'll all go to PUTRAJAYA then. but tis nice to keep in touch. :P


--> my dental appointment is in september, which is not too far off.

--> tomorrow morning will be spent shopping in subang parade, with my siblings. i dunno why subang parade, but wth...=~)

--> thursday hopefully will be spent sweating in taman rakyat with yean may, sock mun and yi theng (whom i havn't seen in ages) and bryan.

oh yeah did some major picture hunting for the mini exhibition on counter culture (tht i regret choosing). wish i had picked popular culture instead. WAIT. NO I DONT. we will make it work!!...semangat. hmm....why did i leave all my home work in ipda??...why??...all of it...sigh..why...(hey that rhymes)

speaking of rhymes
for our first literature lesson we were asked to compose a poem, with a piece of nature as a theme.

mine was about the forest, i can't type the poem coz i forgot it, and all my books are in Jitra. (anticlimax)
it went something like,
the forest growls and smells minty fresh, and is crunchy like a kit kat bar...
(no none of it rhymed)...

this H1N1 thing is getting serious back in IPDA. its all anyone ever talks about. two of our students were confirmed with it. and the baskets are still not closing!

when i came back here, nothing, no ones wearing masks. oh but they're all coughing... but no masks, oh well...me too!..
i promised my class mates over there, that i'd bring back soem cool books for them to read...and am also going to smuggle some movies (ones that we no longer watch lah) to kedah.

father has asked me to get a guitar there, instead of taking the one here. wow! oh wait...my own money i suppose. no problem.

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