Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dealing with the generation gap

I don't get people who are in their twenties and say "god I feel old" whenever...whatever the circumstance. How do you feel old? What do you mean you feel old? Have you seen old people? Stop making such a big deal and move on. HAHA and then I had this huge overreaction. 

So the other day...
I was trying to guess what year my Form 1s were born in...
Me: How old are you?

Student: I am 13 years old

Me: Very good, so you all were born in...hmm...nineteen ninety...

Students: ...............2001

Me: *Audibly gasps* Whattttt!? NO you're not!!!...people born in the 2000s are babies! 

Of course 2001 was 13 years ago.

This makes perfect mathematical sense.

Just not in-relation-to-self sense. 

Another over-reaction

I was handling the English Club meeting (the intake is so small, really, it's like holding a group discussion)

And after forcing a game of taboo, I tried to "get to know them". Thank goodness I invested time and brain cells in K-pop music over the years, because that's all they listen to really. 

At first I thought I would keep it real, go back to basics, and get some girl power in there

I mentioned

West life? *crickets*
okay NSync! *fan whirrss*
BLUE?! *chair creaks*
BACK STREET BOYSSSS!!!!! ...yeahhh! *someone yawns*

And all that stared up at me were these vague, empty, blank, faces, that I had never encountered at the mention of Back Street Boys...

I was so frustrated and nearly translated it in BM Lelaki Jalan Belakang. 

So then what do you like?

"K-pop" "One direction" 

Damnit, why do I keep forgetting this age gap?

Rightttt...sorry, forgot. 

P.s. But for some reason, even this generation hates Justin Beiber.

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