Thursday, 23 September 2010

suDAH jAtUH DiTiMpA TANgGa! =S

A week ago ago my lecturer told us about this little law called Murphy's law. Mr. Murphy said that anything that can go wrong Will go wrong.

Ever had one of those days, where you're running late for work and all the traffic lights on the way are red, and THEN you get caught speeding, yeah that kinda sums up Murphy's Law.

yesterday evening was an evening like any other evening of the many evenings I have experienced.

it started with a stomach ache...from the cafeteria food

so I crawled to the toilet
but some idiot girl always leaves the cubicle smelly!
so I had a quick peep and heard a "Plop"!
Everything went blur and I realised 

my glasses were 
scuttling down the highly urine lubricated bowl
I didn't really want to catch it, but my hand stretched out anyway
but nooo...
In a flash... I saw my blue blue glasses no more...


ikhwan said... ke yg diorang duk ckp spek ko jatuh dalam tandas..muahahhahahah

lizamaria said...

ho la...