Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Walk on the Wildside

Hello reader, it sure has been a while. Have you been making life altering decisions as well? That makes two of us.

I've gotten haircuts before, no none of that cut, wash, blow, dry  rm20 rubbish in saloons; i'm talking about the regular Chinese aunty's hairdresser shop,

"Aunty layer sikit"

"Aunty potong dua inchi"

"Aunty mau fringe. Panjang sikit"

"Aunty berapa?"

"Lai sepuluh ringgit"


Which leads to my story...
So the other day, I was having a bad hair day, which happens quite frequently  when your hair is long, dry and matted. Now most times I can take this kind of stubbornness but that particular day, my comb got stuck and just wouldn't come lose.

I sat in a discouraged heap on the bathroom floor seriously contemplating shaving my head. Going bald,

Long hair story short, I had it chopped off.

We never really realise how much people's opinions matter, until we make a huge decision.

Now the thing with these big drastic decisions is the general opinion about it will determine if you make that decision again.
For example, if you go blond,.. and only your mom likes it.

Then, you throw away the bottle of dye.

Or if you decide to curl your hair... and only your little bro hates it

chances are you'll keep it.

My point is, majority wins. We don't realise it but we're actually very dependent on the reaction of people around us.

But what if there isn't a majority?

as in with my hairstyle.

How could the world be so indecisive!!?!?

COuld one person's hairstyle make thatttt much of a difference. I mean it has been a MONTHH! and i still get my own classmates trying to do damage control ....

But I guess the fact that I AM okay with this look is what matters

Now to grow it out...

Memorable quotes from uni friends 

Emily : OMG!!!! *touch touch* what you did!!!!! K you can't wear baju kurungs edi lah...*warning*


Arifuddin: Liza, tadi tak sempat nak tegur. Sumpah hodoh. k tu je

zaini: : takpe takpe, boleh straighten takpe....*pause pause* *pitiful look* macam lelaki la haha.

hafiz: muka ang dah start okay da, skarang terus tak la...NYONYA!

Joey: oh hello Polly

Moganis: hi liza. *turns again* LIZA!! YOu cut your hair!!

Theeb: Halle Berry

Tina: You're very handsome...

Klang friends 

Shalini: Lisaa-.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATTTTTT!!!

yeanmay: HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH oMG eh why you go and do this!??! whats wrong with you?

pat: nice la! f*king n*tans..i love it..

liyana: you look hot liza!

jes: omg. love it...

Make decisions and own them!!
You'll make wearing a sack look fashionable..


Lydia Chai said...
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Lydia Chai said...

Ah, I thought it was posted twice. Removed the comment. Anyway, writing back now. I wanted to say, sorry for giving that kind of O.O shocking face when I saw your new hairstyle. lol. I really agree with what you have said - majority's views always influences our decisions.. and it's even true that, we should stand strong to our decision and just live happy with it without bothering how others value the decision we have made.

lizamaria said...

HAHA hey lydia, thanks. i guess everyone was shocked more than anything. and yup you're right, stick with your decisions. =))hehe tc!

Lydia Chai said...