Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Degree of Satisfaction

Okay its time to write something worthwhile in here. Its cold and rainy, and I cant think of anything I would love better than to blog.
Whats been happening so far?
Here are some shots from the UPSI orientation!

First and most importantly, we've been switched about and SEPARATED! UPSI decided to split the class into two with the first twenty from the name list in class A and the bottom twenty in class B.
And I have NO problem with adapting with TESL 6 students from last year, but it's so depressing that a lot of my buddies from TESL 5 are now in the next class. Well I guess we'll just have to get used to learning separately, but studying and lepaking can still be done together!

Those kawan-kawans who are still with me are
1. Emily gila Tina
2. Zainyboy
3. Mah fooozaaa lol
4. Syafwan crazyy Omar
5. Richarddd Rich
6. Mira
7. Sin ni
8. Adila
9. Carey
10. Joeyyy

Well, we're back in IPDA for a new year of new subjects, none of which I particularly like.
Listening, by Pn Ranjani and Mr. Ram is alright, but I find myself getting bored after half an hour. Hopefully there'll be a lot of group work and presentations to make things interesting.
Anyway I DID learn that i have to seriously sharpen my very very poor listening skills.
Example, I'll ask someone what their name is...and two seconds later I'll forget it. never listen.

Reading just...I dunno what to say! I feel so cheated. I thought it would be a literature kind of subject with loads of novels and stories to enjoy and dissect. ergh. INSTEAD its about skimming, scanning, how to read, how to make mind maps....and blearghhhhh...AND we've got our first assignment already...which is totally about ding ding ding reADInG!!

linguistics seems interesting because it deals with a lot of whys and hows about language, and slang and code mixing and everything else that I've sort of wondered about in my 20 years of living on earth. There's a lot of reading to be done though! We've been warned.

Grammar is just......grammar lah...

Anyway, my medical is clear and out of the way. No drugs in the urine, no diabetes, blood pressure normal BMI is under control, but I still need to shed some fat, because I've been told I have a big tummy. *cough cough* syafwanomar*cough cough*

We're in the midst of a money-less spell. However, I managed to purchase 1 baju kurung, together with Azie and Emily ...from the 3 for RM 100 rack. damn cool ah..

OOH YEAH! MUET results are out. and. Arif. Ruzlan. got. it. good. WELL DONE BOH!
and congrats to Hafiz too! say godbye to MUET!

And damnnn I'll be turning 20 in three days. Another birthday away from home. =S


emily said...

hey...someone is excited about her bday r..hehehe..=D

dun wori..v cn stil have fun eventough v r nt at home! =D

n emily GILA tina...= syafwan CRAZZY omar ryt????

Lydia Chai said...

Me too Liza............. XD

lizamaria said...

excited? this is not the excited symbol =S lol

yes emily gila=syafwan crazy..=P

congrats to you too lydia! haha i didn't know.

Lydia Chai said...

=P Now u know~