Friday, 24 July 2009

Getting Around

Mode of transport: van sapu!.

For those of you who went “HUH?...snigger” van sapu is sweep van. Lol. It comes all along IPDA (our campus), politeknik campus, and some other campus, picking students up and sending them to places like JITRA MALL….Yawata mall, church masjid, wherever.

I am planning to get a bicycle, the one with the basket….lol! it will really help if we want to buy supplies, or go out for exercise anytime, Yawata mall is cycling distance away. ^.^

Managed to go to church the other day. Thank goodness. It was the only thing bothering me the whole of the first week. We are in Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra, and the church is in Alor Star! 25km away… the van sapu guy refused to take us because there were only 4 of us so he dumped us at a taxi stand. And we followed Pak Mat’s taxi to St. Michael’s church.

We were three hours early for mass! In the end, my dad’s new found friends who happen to live in Jitra came for mass and offered to take us home. Phew!!, God was on our side that day.

The people in that church are very nice. One aunty was so excited, we were becoming new members of the church, she said just come, if transport back was a problem, she would figure it out. “You girls just come!” she said.

Oh well, theres a youth group here as well, and I might as well take part!…

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