Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When your roommate discovers Skype

Recently I noticed a lot of blogs on living with roommates and how it can be tough. I would also like to add my two cents worth but not all of it is bad. ..

There are a lot of boundaries that I have broken down since I started living with a roommate. I have learnt to trust more and depend on her during emergencies, when I'm not around. 

HOWEVER my roommate has recently started to Skype with her boyfriend at her desk. And here are some of the problems that I face. 

1. Changing

I'm never sure if the computer is angled away from my bit of space, and I DO NOT want to end up performing a striptease for ANYBODY !!!

2. Sleeping. 

I'm sure the camera gets my bed as well. And I sleep like an animal so I really don't think it’s appropriate if he notices my funky moves in bed. 

3. Walking around. 

My roommate puts on a jacket every time she Skypes. Of course you can't expect me to put on my blazer in my own room. So there I am in the background, awkwardly darting around in my singlet and shorts=.= Very very inconvenient.

4. Digging your nose. 

Of course this is the most serious issue that I have to deal with because I like to maintain the cleanliness of my nostrils in the privacy of my room. But now EVEN THAT is gone! Do YOU like picking your nose with someone looking? See what I have to go through?!?!

5. Turning around

From where I sit, if I happen to stretch or turn around, BOOM I see a huge face on the screen staarinnnnggggg at meee. JEEZ. Basic movements hampered.

So what have I been doing about it?
I almost told her ...
1. That she was robbing me of my privacy
2.  That I felt like I was being violated by a pervert every day...

But she discovered a solution. 


You have to sit with the laptop facing you and the wall behind you.

problem solved. I don't really enjoy using skype by the wayyy. Messenger (Yahoo or Windows Live) is much funnerrrr...

tee heee


diayana amirah said...

Hahahahaha.. So funny..:)))

lizamaria said...

glad you enjoyed it mira!

saya gadis baek :) said...

hahahaha..kesian gile liza weh!
part 'taking care of the nostrils cleanliness' tuh yg mmg funny! :P

lizamaria said...

true story. haha!