Friday, 18 March 2011

I am Number Four..

When I watch a movie

1. i usually Spend RM 20 on tickets and food. With that money you could have dinner for a week, but who cares when there’s a hot guy acting in a movie.

 2.   Go early and take photos next to live size posters (preferably next to the hot guy in the poster). Proceed by taking photos of our popcorn, drink and tickets as PROOF that WE WERE HERE!!!

3.  Finish half the popcorn while waiting for the cinema to open

 4.  Finish the other half while watching the advertisements before the movie.

5. Keep chewing on and re-spitting the hard corn kernels into the box, during the movie. 

6. Even though I know I'm ruining the mood for EVERYBODY, I still pass my popcorn/chachos/cheezels/any noisy food down the whole row offering my friends. 

7.When it comes back, put a few in my mouth and wonder if I should pass the popcorn again.

8. Pass the popcorn again but no one cares anymore, (Shut up and keep your chips).

9. ooh!!!Climax: Dumbledore dies/ the ring is destroyed/Narnia is saved/Spiderman lives!!!/Adnan Sempit saves the day/  And I miss it... 

10. End up hating most cinema experiences... 

having said that, I am Number Four was pretty good. =)



zakuan said...

it is a great experience when you are watching it with you friends or bf/gf.....
at least if you miss some part of the movie
you are still spending time with them.

lizamaria said...

yea true true..some movie are so lame, its nice to laugh about it loudly in the cinema...with friends..those times are priceless.=)

lizamaria said...


emily said...

true true!!!

i am number four was SUPPERRR COOLL!!! HEEHHEHE

zakuan said...

i want to watch also..
is it really that good?

lizamaria said...

its quite good. Plus side for girls is the hot lead actor. but the girl is pretty hot as well. =)
alien invasion!!