Friday, 24 July 2009


Haha class today was fun, mixing better with the others. Which is good!. A boy called Dzul commented earlier on why I never mixed with the other girls and I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him. Hahah retarded. But all that’s gone.

Now, the boys think I’m a bit sarcastic, and the malay girls find me funny to laugh AT! Lol all in good humour.

I want to buy a guitar. There are a few going cheap at the Jitra mall. Hideous colours (blue! Green) but they make music! Have to ask parents permission first.


Went down for netball training today, we missed all the warm ups, my friend and I, but managed to play for about five minutes. Haha. The senior said, if they have more than enough coming to play, they’ll have to have a team selection, if not then we’re in the IPDA team. Mother… and I just came down for some exercise!

But more importantly there are girls who play futsal here! There is no team and I don’t know if the senior I asked will disregard my enquiry about futsal. Haha she said if they play she’ll message. Anyway if she doesn’t we can always play as a class. There are twelve of us! The girls susah a bit la, and must ask them first.

Our Eng. Lit teacher has urged us to get involved in the upcoming play “The Merchant of Venice” by the TESL seniors, as in paint props or sew costumes. She asked the class and I nodded along with everyone else but planned to ignore the idea and continued talking…then…

Pn. Tengku: Lizamaria what can you do?

Liza: *shit* *none of the above* ermm, well I can….not sew. Hahaha *no one laughs*

Pn. Tengku: yes what Can you do?

Liza: I’ll paint props.

Pn.Tengku: oh so you paint.

Liza: a biit more than I sew, yes.

Pn Tengku: *doesn’t get it* good then, try to get involved.


Right now, as long as I can play futsal, I’ll do anything else.

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