Friday, 28 January 2011

The Tiada Taxi Tale

My Journey back to Klang

okay I simply wanted to alliterate the title, so ignore the weirdness. 

Hey folks I'm back in Klang ( not to sound celebrity-like or anything) haha. 

Right before I bore you to tears with the Taxi tale, A very HAppy CHINesE nEw YEaR to all my Chinese mates!! in Kedah and in Klang!...and all over the world! I thank you for this holiday the rest of us are enjoying!

Anyway, the man whom I called to take me to the bus terminal did NOT arrive. fifteen minutes to 10.45(boarding time) and I had no transport. 

I called everyone I knew, and for some reason they all were not available. adoiiii!!

So I started walking! with my travel bag and backpack 

at first I was just sad and wondered why all this had to happen today..

After tripping over my own bag twice, I kicked it and Then I started getting annoyed at everything led to this..

After a while, I became progressively hateful, on the verge of madness I think... I felt like throwing my bags in the drain! I cruelly picked on random things and cursed them 

And at this point I started to resemble the picture at the top of this post. 

and then suddenly

Zooming up beside me, two juniors from IPDA asked 
"kak nak g mana?"

then I told them 

and they said 

And I arrived on time for the bus, thanks to my new HEROES eh... Firstly thank God (knew he wouldn't just desert me)

By the way, the moral value here is Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan... hehe

anyway those boys name's were Naqiuddin, and Syami...

Thank you thank you thank you. I said thank you! kind people can be found everywhere! they happened to be driving back to perlis and saw miserable me.

have arrived safely in Klang. 

I think the visuals accurately depict my thoughts, actions and expressions...

signing off for now..



saya gadis baek :) said...

hihi..dats y la liza..
jgn cepat putus asa.
kepercayaan kepada tuhan ! HAHA :D

lizamaria said...

a'ah nasib baek! sbnarnye ak dah ptus asa pun...hahaha

Lydia Chai said...

Haha.. Cute post.. Poor thing.. Walk all the way.. With that load behind your back samo.. = //

lizamaria said...

yeah i was pitying myself the whole way. mana tau god handled everything and sent these two guys to the rescue. =D

ARIEF said...

"good people can be found everywhere" I like this sent...

lizamaria said...

yeah...its true...i just learnt..=D

zakuan said...

i'm always available...
i hope so....