Friday, 24 July 2009

life here

You must be wondering, how I manage living by myself and cooking, cleaning. Well there is no cooking, but there IS a cafeteria that sells quite good food at very low prices. Very low. Like a whole plate of jack for only RM2.00…wicked!!! especially for misers like me!. There is no major cleaning except your own room, that is only if you bother lah. I personally don’t really clean, but my roomie happens to be, just happens to be, a NEAT FREAK…. (It’s a sign from God)….and she bought a broom. I used to just steal(borrow) the broom from a girl all the way on the next floor! Oh yea, then theres washing clothes. Immediately people imagine a mountain of clothes, but really its like two t-shirts and shorts per wash. Soak for half an hour. Lol…and use a brush…voila!…there IS a washing machine somewhere. Must pay….

Down side…..

Friggin green bugs!! Tiny buggers are killing me, AND they bite. They’re attracted to fluorescent light and if they like to land on you first, do NOT swat at them. Its like their sole purpose of life is to come to the light and die. Swarming in at around 7.30pm, after 5 minutes of flying around, annoying the hell out of us, they fall and die. Currently, there are about twenty around me on the floor. I swept the floor half an hour ago!

The weather…inside my room. I just found out that Jitra is one of the hottest places in Malaysia. (ouch bug just bit my ass)…I sleep on the floor now, coz its cooler. If I open the windows, guess who pays me a visit lah. Bruised ribs.

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