Monday, 18 October 2010

Note to the Reader

Hey reader,
Hope your end is either as bright as mine, or better...=D

The other day, Mr. Siva carried-out-kan this really eye-opening activity with us.
we were required to  write 2 good points and 1 negative point about everyone in our class.

today he read them out loudly,

then he stopped reading the good points and started with the bad..

mine included
1. not serious and a bit laid back
2. laughs at the wrong times
3. screechy voice

then some of my friends told me they wrote
1. crazy
2. egoistic
3. gets emotional quickly.

I have to improve myself. I will.

Following the really good day I know you are having,
           It's up to you to help me when I forget sometimes. Yes, I insist. Remind me that I have to really think before I say stuff and that "Success is not an inheritance. Failure is not a tradition." (malay proverb translation)

and that just because I don't know something, it doesn't mean everyone loses respect for me.
okay the last part no need...someone did already



arepRuz said...

i fu****g like your post.....

arepRuz said...

tq...ur layout is better than the stupid duck~

lizamaria said...

tq brother asked me to change it..