Friday, 15 May 2009


 My dad couldnt come get Viola and I from college right after we finished (one hour earlier) . and as we were waiting in the library, i noticed a sign announcing that the speeches by the candidates for Student Body President would be given out in half an hour. so... i decided to go check it out!!! 

                             this is what i saw in the beginning... 
the candidates sorta preparing to be intro-ed
i dont get Jackie Chan at the side!!

then it started off with this guy from ADP i think , still trying to figure out how to use my phone so i couldnt capture it... lolXD

  • next was Zacariah Kent from ADP. i saw him walking around the whole day trying to get his presentation correctly, didn't really like his attitude lah....LIKE HE OWNED THE PLACE...i thought his speech should be damn chun!!!!
  • manatau ...okkkaaayyyy only lah.....full of quotes from OBAMA....and he kept on promising us stuff, but didnt really go into detail...alah like trying to make it sound powerful oni....CHANGE CHANGE (kept on repeating)....
  • take a look..

then came MR. ALLAN TAN...dunno where this guy is from, but he's seriously a JOKE!!...overheard UWAIS telling a guy incharge "why the hell did you let him enter man??"... no one understood what he was trying to say coz he never stopped moving ...NO JOKE....

but then the crowd was damn PARIAH la...some of the senior guys...kept on shouting and insulting, coz they come from different support groups....very very messy , and the MC had no control. IT was held PRACTICALLY in the corridor!!!, what do you expect,... haih take a look....

next there was a GIRL (the only girl), GRACE she Seemed to talk some sense at the beginning.... then she said a few things which surprised me!!

  • i want you to live a college life!!for example whats wrong with coming late for class?...girls wearing sexy clothes?..guys hitting on girls??
  • then she compared it to Taylors, her old college and basically said HICT ctudents got no life la
  • there were a few lecturers watching, and one of them asked her, of course it is something wrong to come late for  class...then she answered " okay maybe im a bad example DONT FOLLOW ME"...wth!!!???
  • then people bomb her on that sentence, and she said some rubbish about her life is her life, but she sure can be responsible if we choose her...
  • then one girl suddenly bomb her"you say we can wear sexy clothes" WHy arent you wearing sexy clothes!?!?!?" wth?!?!?
  • aaaahhhh...too lazy to explain but i can act it out lah....LOL!! video of her:(

well anyway, they will continue to campaign till may 25th which is election day!!!....i encourage everyone to follow this election, and campain...because

as Grace said, we're gonna be here for a long time, so DONT suffer in SILENCE.!!!

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