Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Quite a number did not turn up for class today...only 3 lah..but somehow it felt empty...
for those who M.I.A (Missing In Action) today...this is what you should probably know..

  • we didn't learn anything new we discussed questions...(shapes of molecules and the test paper she gave)
  • we have a presentation...(group)
       it is on the topic GREEN CHEMISTRY (pg 236)
  1. teacher has already divided our groups into pairs or threes
  2. each group will present on a subtopic from the list below
  • Global Warming
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Reducing Hazard
  • Increasing Effeciency


A (Bryan Lee/Leshalini)
B (Jerry Cheah/Liaw Yean May/Tee Mindi)
C (Cheun Shen Yao/Lizamaria)
D (Danny/Viola/Menaga)

the rest she erased....no compromising or changing groups

anyway for group A and B the topic is Global Warming

group C and D its Carbon neutrality...

Same specifications, for slides and pages, and hardcopy as the last presentation...
ONLY she said one person needs to do the talking, or you can take turns lah
deadline...first week of June..1st-3rd june


  • Mr. Praba could not get the projector
  • Thus he could not teach today...:(
  • Hence, class ended early (he gave us some questions)
  • tomorrow NO lab
  • friday class will end later (5.30)

thats all .... see you tomorrow 


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