Friday, 15 May 2009


i hope we dont end up with some sort of AFRICAN climate!!...damn its hot!!...

  • MY POND IS DRYING i went fishing that day... the fish are easy to catch because their all suffering in the EXTREMELY shallow water...muahhaha...hope fully all of them will DIE and then we can get somechun fish...(btw they are all tilapia now)
  • my BLOODY BEAN plant is not growing...stubburn baskets....growing so long, NOT one flower!!!...PLUS i have to water it EVERYDAY coz there is no least they look pretty
  • ALL my worms died....(i was trying to breed them) in an ice cream container!!...WHO knew they needed me to WATER them EVERYDAY ALSO!!??? aahhhh fed time i find a worm the bugger will go to my fish......if they havent DIED.. :)
  • the coconuts, from the tree look like SHITE, the water wont be sweet

  • i found a lizard ...its heart was still beating tho HAHA...but pretty much dead....i chased it until its tail also almost got DETACHED...haih....finally i GOT IT!
  • so i got my sis to grab this shot...XD

anyway PRAAYYYY for the rain la

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