Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Titanic Bear Hug

Hello reader, I've never been a hugger. Have you? I've never enjoyed that close proximity,  of someone invading my personal space,  an assault on my no entry zone. But I have experienced a precious few good ones, and after an especially tiring day, I wish I could just sink into a warm embrace right now.

|Sometimes it feels like a giant hug would suffice,
To thaw a situation with a lot of ice,
Nothing a load of body warmth can't heat,
When you've got a lump in your throat to beat,
When words are simply insufficient,
The more yelling the more inefficient,
There's something magical in an embrace,
In its power to erase,
The heaviness that you carry around,
After all the unnecessary sound,
It draws you in silent and slow,
And crushes you in a powerful show,
Of kindness, forgiveness, sympathy, comfort,
So much emotion, so little effort,
What I would give for a giant squeeze,
So powerful but leaves me light as a breeze,
What I would do for a mighty cuddle,
In that deep affection I'd love to snuggle,
So let's release all this energy,
Not sweep it under a rug,
Let's flush it all out,
In a titanic bear hug.|

Go get a bolster.


Hello reader, please ignore the sudden eager poetry. Doesn't everyone go through a rhyming phase at some point? No? Oh well. This is a throwback to a couple of months ago, when I was losing hair but not my mind and not my appetite. A time, when nothing had a rhyme.

|You told me you missed me. There was a heavy momentous pause. A pause that the movies never allowed after an "I miss you".A pause that in its lack of words, explained everything. The wait was over. I sighed and told you not to say that. You asked if I was angry, annoyed, pissed off, your voice tinged with  a crazy hope that I was. I replied, stifling a yawn, no, I was just tired. I felt nothing else. I closed my eyes and tried to conjure up those same three words. All I could see was an endless line of yawns. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.|

6th November 2016

This time last year,
I lived with a gripping fear
That I wouldn't get over you

I told others I was strong
Ready to move along
But my thoughts came back to you

Then a month went by
I could finally say hi
To someone that wasn't you

Two months drifted past
And I could at last
Forgive but not forget, you.

The third month zoomed along
And something went wrong
I had relapsed back to you

The fourth month came and went
And with it I sent
Every text I exchanged with you

The fifth month was quiet and painless
Too busy to descend into the greyness
Life distanced me from you

The sixth left too soon
But I was over the moon
And hardly thought of you

As the seventh month took its leave
I began to believe
Life was quite doable without you!

The eighth month came in sneaky
I admit I was quite cheeky
And nothing involved Y.O.U

The ninth month saw me off with grace
I was in a strong and happy place
A mere smudge on my past, were you

The tenth month danced away
I could finally say
I had gotten over you

By the time the eleventh ended
I was well and mended
From damage caused by you

365 days to finally thaw
And suddenly I saw
A text received from you!