Wednesday, 14 December 2016

6th November 2016

This time last year,
I lived with a gripping fear
That I wouldn't get over you

I told others I was strong
Ready to move along
But my thoughts came back to you

Then a month went by
I could finally say hi
To someone that wasn't you

Two months drifted past
And I could at last
Forgive but not forget, you.

The third month zoomed along
And something went wrong
I had relapsed back to you

The fourth month came and went
And with it I sent
Every text I exchanged with you

The fifth month was quiet and painless
Too busy to descend into the greyness
Life distanced me from you

The sixth left too soon
But I was over the moon
And hardly thought of you

As the seventh month took its leave
I began to believe
Life was quite doable without you!

The eighth month came in sneaky
I admit I was quite cheeky
And nothing involved Y.O.U

The ninth month saw me off with grace
I was in a strong and happy place
A mere smudge on my past, were you

The tenth month danced away
I could finally say
I had gotten over you

By the time the eleventh ended
I was well and mended
From damage caused by you

365 days to finally thaw
And suddenly I saw
A text received from you!

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