Sunday, 23 January 2011

Don't stop by. (you've been warned)

Hello again.
Laura and I
Firstly I would like to say that today something embarrassing happened to me, but then Lizamaria(me) is sooo used to embarrassing mishaps in her life, that this may be considered NOTHING at all. But when I told my neighbour, she nearly died. I kid you not. I bet my sisters would squeal if they found out!


*okay someone just walked into the room with the most dreamy perfume!* give me a moment to inhale deeply. haih....reminds me of my standard 3 days. hmmmm....hahhhhh...*

okayyy, where was I? 


Once upon a time, my family was about to go to a dinner, and I thought the blouse I had on looked good. It was yellow and had stripes. 

Anyway, since my sisters didn't give a sh**,  I asked my 18 year old BROTHER what he thought. 

 Im sure he didn't give a sh** either but I asked in my usual annoying way. Of course I wanted him to agree.

ME: Marc nice right this blouse?
MARC: errr...okay la
ME: YEAH its so bright! damn nice right!?!? (I'll only talk like this in front of my family)
MARC: emmm
ME: what!??! what are you saying. Look at it lah.LOOKK!!! *twirls*
MARC: can see-through lah!

haaaa ambik kau! so then I shut up anyway, Marc is honest like that.

Anyway, the brat is in NS now and he went in like an ikan bilis so hopefully he'll come back like boom boom poww!!

crosses fingers!

okay hang on, I'm almost done...oohhh my grammar essay about myself...Madam thinks it's too conversational. so major weakness on style there. Maybe its because of all this blogging! haha

too lazy to backspace. dont read that^^ up there...waste of space. Lalalala...

Ooh today I spoke to Syafwan Omar's girlfriend! 

I went jogging. Anyone reading this is welcome to join everyday at 6pm! hope to see you there!

okay, you can go away now. I have nothing else to say. thanks for staying this long with me. It means a lot. 

to reward your patience, heres a tiny game

a few faces that never change!


emily said...


r u ok??? hhahha...ur post!!al mixed up!!! =)

anyway..d faces damn cute thoughtful of u!!!

does my face always look like dat??? *happy n smiling*???

lizamaria said...

ahahha pretty much hang cheerful sokmo!

the mixed up post is a sign of desperateness to get something posted but content = zero


emily said...

cheerful sokmo!!!!!!!!!!!! haahha..

thanx panty!!!! =)

no la!!it was reli zero!!! it was nice..interesting!!!

Lydia Chai said...

Me missssssing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ K will join ya at 6 pm when I'm free. I do jog sometimes, but I hardly see any familiar faces.

lizamaria said...

those are the faces that very very very very rarely change expresion easy to draw. if i drew your face it would look something like this

=.="...that sarcastic face..hehe

okay yay! come come! the more the merrier!

Lydia Chai said...

= = """"" Very bad....... U say I am sarcastic eh? I am very genuine one~~~~~