Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reporting Live!

If you have been neglecting reading the papers and have sinfully come here instead =P, thank you but I might as well do my civic duty take it upon myself to update you on the current affairs of the world.

this is lizamaria reporting from around the globe! BNN live!

Wait! hold that yawn. Some of this stuff is actually interesting! and I promise to keep it short.

Congratulations WORLD!!
The youngest boy to get AIDs through sex has been found! His parents must be so proud! Only thirteen years old and he's on the Yahoo front page. 

Well before you hate the kid, let me just say, that he was lured into sex by money by a fifty year old man. Okay now you can think whatever you want. 

From the article, I imagined, a boy walking on the street (maybe going to play futsal), and an old man with SEX written on his forehead jumps out from the bushes and waves a bag of cash. Its stupid, I know but I blame the article for that. I wonder where his parents were. O.o anyway, dumb kid. 

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Back to the News with me Lizamaria

Dad Jailed for incest! 
Now theres a crazy lunatic if you want one. Right here in our own backyard.( I mean in KL Malaysia).
 So he rapes his daughter not once, not twice, not 3 times, Four fucking times!!!
 IN front of his wife. The fifth time he told his wife to bring the daughter to him and she asks a neighbour to report it. 

Haiyo aunty, why you wait so long to report wan???

Owh and heres the Really really really funny bit. 

Our rapist, asked for a lighter sentence because he had "gout, high blood pressure, and heart problems" awwww poor thing! give the old rapist, psycho, lunatic, mental, basturddd man a from 80 years in prison, he only gets 20 years, and from 40 strokes of rotan, he only gets 10 strokes. Go Malaysia!! in line with making the world a safer place!  

And thats all we have lined up for you today folks. I'm Lizamaria reporting from around the world. see you next time.

*BNN music plays*


emily said...

HEY REPORTER!!! u rrrooocccckkkkk!!!!


n bt d news...r u serious???weii.....eeeuuuu,got people like that r????


n i dun tink dat punishment is enuf for dat old man...

lizamaria said...

rombe thanks! hahahaha

yep losers like that exist right here as well..

ARIEF said...

u can be a good news reader.. ^__^

lizamaria said...

thanks baqry... was just trying something else