Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wish me luck Guys...

1. What is the name of Taylor's 3rd album
a) speak now


3. I have become a fan simply because Miss Taylor Swift's songs REPRESENT!
Thousands of teenagers; the tubby, thin, tall, tiny, timid, talkative, tom boys, and tinkerbells all around the world. 
Every song is a story we know so well because it has happened sometime in our lives.
 Whether it is drooling over a boy in class, or discovering a first crush, 
I think that the fact that it comes from within her is so "jinx-you-owe-me a-soda" because the rest of us were feeling the exact same thing!


emily said...

gud luck!!!

but for wat???

lizamaria said...

this is a taylor swift contest. lol.
you're spposed to blog this then share the link down there.

its until feb 20th. join lah!
heres the link.

ARIEF said...

miss swift's dress on her album cover should be purple in colour n not red, right?