Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Titanic Bear Hug

Hello reader, I've never been a hugger. Have you? I've never enjoyed that close proximity,  of someone invading my personal space,  an assault on my no entry zone. But I have experienced a precious few good ones, and after an especially tiring day, I wish I could just sink into a warm embrace right now.

|Sometimes it feels like a giant hug would suffice,
To thaw a situation with a lot of ice,
Nothing a load of body warmth can't heat,
When you've got a lump in your throat to beat,
When words are simply insufficient,
The more yelling the more inefficient,
There's something magical in an embrace,
In its power to erase,
The heaviness that you carry around,
After all the unnecessary sound,
It draws you in silent and slow,
And crushes you in a powerful show,
Of kindness, forgiveness, sympathy, comfort,
So much emotion, so little effort,
What I would give for a giant squeeze,
So powerful but leaves me light as a breeze,
What I would do for a mighty cuddle,
In that deep affection I'd love to snuggle,
So let's release all this energy,
Not sweep it under a rug,
Let's flush it all out,
In a titanic bear hug.|

Go get a bolster.


GuineaPiqs ` Lover said...
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mr.niceguy said...

loved it !