Friday, 24 July 2009

Blazer on Sundays twice a month

Perhimpunan rasmi…minus prefects = chaos. Lol. I don’t talk lah. I just stand straight, but you cant blame the others for yapping. Each perhimpunan, we have to go through so many slideshows of each jabatan, there are 14. Then a few speeches following the grand entrance of men we have never seen and don’t see after that! Then we go to classes.

Its much like college, floating class system, we move to class instead of the teacher coming to us. Bother!! My first perhimpunan rasmi and I forgot my NEW BLAZER that I bought the day before, hahahah…beside me was a senior from the TESL programme

Aftarjit Kaur: Hey you’re from TESL right?

Liza: yea I think so. No one knows for sure yet. Ahhaha.

Aftar: yea your class very weird. Where are you from?

Liza: Klang. Selangor. You…

Aftar: Klang? Oh!! I studied in Convent Klang for 1 year, when I was in standard…

Liza: really I studied there as well. Ermm you,…

Aftar: really!?!? No coz my aunty teaches there

Liza: *omg pn raj*…..Really!>!?!? whats her name


Liza: wHATTTT!! Hahahahahahhah she taught me add math for two years! Nice lady. Hahah you look and talk like her.

Aftar: what?..haha my dads sister..


Theres another girl from convent in the TESL course. My senior of course. Syamimi. She won tokoh nilam and a bunch of things related to BM during school days. FYI lah.

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