Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Give You Lah!


Mr. Teo: WHAT you mean I have to pay for the sim card. You all force me to buy one okay! If I know I won’t buy! Your stupid guy come and never tell me got charge.

Me: he didn’t? I’m sorry sir.Okay we’ll have to look into this. Which outlet did you visit sir?

Mr. Teo: ahh..oh Actually not your shop..I do online myself

Me: oh I see. You didn’t have a choice?

Mr.Teo: no! They simply add to my cart

Me: Actually they ask, sir, if you need one. There’s an option

Mr.Teo: okay whatever lah.. They still never tell got charges

Me: I understand Mr.Teo, but if you pick something online, it will be chargeable

Mr.Teo: my friend can get free how come I cannot get free. Double standard is it?

Me: what friend sir? Is he available? Can I speak to him?

Mr.Teo: aiya! Fed up la talk to you! Steal people’s money. Double standard shit service. Give you lah the 35 dollar.

Me: is there anything else I can assist you with Mr. Teo?

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