Friday, 18 September 2015

Good Afternoooon teacherrrr...can we try that again....GOOD AFTERNOON TEACHER!

Hello again, reader! Let's skip the how-you've-beens...because I'm positive that your life has been peachy. Right then, spot light back on me?
I'm a teacher now.
It seems like, every time I blog, I'm working a different job.
You must think I'm most uncommitted. HA HA
Sold jeans, ushered for a bit, call center agent and now.... teacher? Now before you think, "oh right, those who don't do, teach"....slap yourself.

To grant anonymity, and for the fact that nothing I say may be particularly positive, I shall not mention the name of the school at which I'm posted. However, one may always ask me privately, if you really mustttt know.

I'm still on the trial period.
I call it the Student Trial Period.
Must. Not. Break.
As they size me up.

I've never felt more in sync with the song "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance. It is the current soundtrack of my life. If you haven't heard it, click on the link here

Anyhow, I'm not going to lie, the school I've been posted to, ain't no Convent. I guess the kids here grew up having different hobbies. So I'm going to try to put in some daily happenings about the them here. Give them the attention they are desperate for in class.

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