Friday, 8 May 2015

Call Center la Uncle

On trying to avoid saying the word CALL CENTER

Uncle: ah so finished studies? still waiting for posting ah?

Me: *clears throat*... uhmm yes, hasn't come yet. 

Uncle: so not doing anything now?

Me: temporarily working in ...ermm.. for ..a telecommunications company.

Uncle: Hah?

Me: It's like in the customer service line uncle...

Uncle: okay? so what do you do??

Me: well,  we try to provide solutions to all the customers product/ service issues

Uncle: Owh like some mass comm job is it? good la...

Me: la uncle.. not quite (NOT AT ALL)...

Uncle: okay? then? 

Me: okay, customers will call in if they have problems using the service, and we will tell them the best way to approach it. 

Uncle: Ohhhhh CALL CENTRE LA??

Me: ........ya

-always feels like a bloody game of taboo-


call cen·ter
  1. an office set up to handle a large volume of telephone calls, especially for taking orders and providing customer service.

It's a horribly plain word that doesn't quite do the job justice. Call centre, implies we call people up and shove product down their throats, when in fact, we solve problems. It should be called Customer Resolutions Center. I understand that lengthening the name doesn't change what it is, but my goodness, "call center" describes so little! Who makes these calls and what do we do? 
-Find out in the next episode of the Call Center Girl- 

For now anyway, this is the latest with me. Whats happening with you these days? 

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