Thursday, 28 June 2012

An American Crime

What makes a good actor? I've always nursed the theory that if you watch a movie, and you feel yourself getting worked up, annoyed or downright angry at a character, then that actor is probably really really good.  Recently, my theater and drama lecturer-advisor shared the same view, so I wasn't alone.

Anyway I just watched "An American Crime" and was blown away by the acting. It is based on a true story about a woman who locks a girl down in the basement for a summer, and allows her to be tortured by the neighborhood kids and her own children. She herself participates by inflicting painful cigarette burns and branding her with a hot pin.

Ellen Page (chick from Juno) acts as Sylvia who is tortured and does such an amazing job, she is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses, (loved her work in Hard Candy and Juno too). When she's in pain, you feel it, when she is being kicked you wince in pain, when she is forced to push a bottle up herself, you tear with the discomfort. To convey that much through the movie straight to the audience, takes true talent.

And that WOMAN who tortures her! you will be dripping with hatred throughout the movie. I actually got so frustrated at why none of the characters killed her, or beat her up! Yes ladies and gentlemen, she was that gooooood.... Catherine Keener. Hats off.

Definitely recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for something good to watch.
Thanks to my cousin Pat for peaking my interest enough for me to go watch this excellent movie.

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