Friday, 8 June 2012

Feel Good Friends

Hello reader, it's been quite some time eh? The title is of an article that I  read in Reader's Digest recently.

So to summarize, everyone has a group of people they dare to call friends right? Come on la. Okay now what you have to do is, to sit and think about it; which of these friends make you feel good. The best way to do this, is to analyse how you feel AFTER hanging out with them.

Do you feel tired? drained? even though all you did was talk...

1. You know those people who really treat you like a toilet bowl ( for lack of a better word)... they come to you when they need to let EVERYTHING go and then leave you with the bad smelling poo of negativity.

2. those friends whom you honestly wish would shut up sometimes.

3. Those people who only seem to talk about themselves. Very tiring to entertain this species!

Do you feel lighter, and relieved and walk with a bounce-of-happiness... you get what I mean don't you? friends whom you find refreshing to talk to. leave you feeling like you haven't wasted 3 hours of your life speaking to.

So I thought about it and did come up with a list of people who did and did not "make me feel good' BUT
there were some things odd about the list


1. YET I had some GOOD friends in the "BAD list". Was that supposed to happen?

2. Certain friends who did not make me feel good alone, but together with two or three others, made me feel happy.

I'm sure you'll find yourself in the same situation.

different friends have different roles to play in our lives. Some friends look to us as confidantes, some as fun time buddies, some as sympathizers, and some as everything rolled into one!

So sometimes when you find yourself feeling exhausted after talking or listening to someone, don't strike them off as "fake friends" or anything. You might have done wonders for them by taking some load off their shoulders.

But if YOU are feeling stressed, by all means look for those who'll give you back that spring in your step and smile on your face!

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