Friday, 29 June 2012

that awkward moment when you're playing charades next to a table of deaf people.

Today was good. Hello everybody, for those of you who don't know, I've recently taken on a job with my ex tuition teacher Mr. Alfred and am basically a clerk/receptionist of sorts. Shrug. It pays.

So the five of us, Marc, Laura, Pat, Jes and I went to eat at the mamak in Bayu Perdana...Bayu Mamak I'm sure it's called. and well we were sitting next to a table of a couple of deaf men. Well actually I think only one of them was handicapped, he was the most expressive, but the rest had to sign to communicate with him.

By a totally unrelated, no-malice-intended, chance happening, I had with me some charade clue papers and we decided to have a game. it was fun for about twenty minutes, till Marc realised it pretty much looked like this



so after getting dirty looks from them and other patrons in the restaurant, we sort of just stopped playing, paid for our food and left, quietly. 


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