Wednesday, 27 April 2011

When I was just a Little Girl...

When we were little, my siblings and I loved bed time stories. my dad was the usual target.
Every night, we would beg and beg my father to tell us one of his tales.
When he was really sleepy this is how it would go.

Us: Papa! Papa! Tell a story la!
Papa: aiyo not today la
Us: tell la tell la! *jumps on bed*
Papa: *yawnnnnnn* ok ok. Once a upon a time...
Us: *sshh...quiet...papa started...
Papa: once upon a time....
Us: yesss?? Yessss??
Papa: there was a dog....
Us: oooohhhh
Papa: whose name was rover...
Us: Oh ok..then??
Papa: once there was a dog whose name was rover and....the story is over...*smiles*

We fell for that EVERY TIME! EVERY TIME I tell you!

On days he did prepare, my siblings and I never got fairy tales with happy endings. My dad preferred telling us scary stories from his past, or gory little tales that he had us to sleep. 

p.s. Papa, If you're reading this. I loved all those stories!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When your roommate discovers Skype

Recently I noticed a lot of blogs on living with roommates and how it can be tough. I would also like to add my two cents worth but not all of it is bad. ..

There are a lot of boundaries that I have broken down since I started living with a roommate. I have learnt to trust more and depend on her during emergencies, when I'm not around. 

HOWEVER my roommate has recently started to Skype with her boyfriend at her desk. And here are some of the problems that I face. 

1. Changing

I'm never sure if the computer is angled away from my bit of space, and I DO NOT want to end up performing a striptease for ANYBODY !!!

2. Sleeping. 

I'm sure the camera gets my bed as well. And I sleep like an animal so I really don't think it’s appropriate if he notices my funky moves in bed. 

3. Walking around. 

My roommate puts on a jacket every time she Skypes. Of course you can't expect me to put on my blazer in my own room. So there I am in the background, awkwardly darting around in my singlet and shorts=.= Very very inconvenient.

4. Digging your nose. 

Of course this is the most serious issue that I have to deal with because I like to maintain the cleanliness of my nostrils in the privacy of my room. But now EVEN THAT is gone! Do YOU like picking your nose with someone looking? See what I have to go through?!?!

5. Turning around

From where I sit, if I happen to stretch or turn around, BOOM I see a huge face on the screen staarinnnnggggg at meee. JEEZ. Basic movements hampered.

So what have I been doing about it?
I almost told her ...
1. That she was robbing me of my privacy
2.  That I felt like I was being violated by a pervert every day...

But she discovered a solution. 


You have to sit with the laptop facing you and the wall behind you.

problem solved. I don't really enjoy using skype by the wayyy. Messenger (Yahoo or Windows Live) is much funnerrrr...

tee heee

Sunday, 17 April 2011

If you are a girl...

Before I become a teacher and have to deal with all this... 

If You Are a G.I.R.L
Then these phrases should not be taken lightly!


“Kedai Kopi bukak”/ “sun is very bright”
 “agak menonjol hari ini”
 “hutan hujan tropika”

Sorry, kedai kopi does not mean the stall selling coffee. It refers to when a girl sits with her legs far apart or ‘terkangkang’.
“eh the sun very bright today” is also used for when something unwanted is ACCIDENTALLY seen. So if someone says that to youuu...please close shop!
Btw, these are for dungus who think that wearing shorts under their skirt means they can sit any way they want. NANTI LALAT MASUK BARU TAU!

don't misunderstand ok

This one I heard when I moved to Kedah, it refers to when a girl's upper front =P is distractingly bigger than normal.
“Nasi lemak besar” is also quite famous... but sometimes theres nothing you can do about it, except maybe...stop jumping??

This refers to when a girl is hairy, either legs or arms *ahem*....but this is not so bad. If the “RAINFOREST” comment is for your armpits, then something is WRONG!! Please deal with it A.S.A.P!
Some women see no shame in showing off their hairy armpits. Trust me, NO one agrees with them.

The ONLY time your armpit hair should be long, is of you were in a coma for a year...
coma patient maybe?

Some Additional Points
1.   Please wear the correct underwear with your pants. Some donkeys really know how to wear tight butt-hugging pants, to show off their ASSets but let me tell you, all we really notice is your HUGE PANTY LINE.  

 4 semesters of hanging out with cartoons(boys) and you will pick up certain things. I think it’s important that I share these with you so you KNOW...haha. Because they might seem like ORDINARY phrases but please do not ignore.