Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flood or no flood, Life must go on


This is day 3 of the flood here in Jitra. The water supply is out, food supplies everywhere are running low. There is garbage literally on every corner, and the rats come out at night.  

Do I sound like I'm under a staircase, dangerously floating on a piece of driftwood, in a darkened relief house while the raging waters tear up my town? 

Okay that's the atmosphere was going for.

Anyway, it's day 3 or four I'm not sure, but our water supply is being cut on and off. I don't know what the big idea is, or why the boys' supply isn't cut. 

Today, the cafeteria was open in the morning so I stocked up on buns and had a rice nice lunch. 

Studying is becoming soooo routine. Its killing me! Recently, all we do is sit in that hot place and open our books, talk crap and end up doing nothing. I go back feeling like I've learnt next to nothing. How now? the worst exams are coming up soon.
Now we've scrapped night sessions coz the cafe is closed at night...
We'll think of something la..

I have started sleeping late again! Wake up also late...haiyo f**k la!
Oh I stopped exercising a LOONGG time ago....
Arifuddin plays tennis everyday now...fuhh...gomo rich!

But I am becoming a fatty (cheeks) in my room, eating and sleeping and "studying wasting time"
heres  what I'm gonna do.
going to jog tomorrow morning if it doesn't rain...=D

this flood-no water-no fun-no food situation only makes me feel sorry for myself.


just think about all the people who have had their houses flooded and have had to evacuate their homes, and are desperate for food supplies...electricity and clean water..


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