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Some people sympathise with Macbeth and some don't.

Those who sympathise with Macbetty say that

1.) He simply lacked human will power to resist temptation. How would YOU feel if someone said you were going to win a MILLION ringgit tomorrow??? 

therefore, he simply displayed human weakness by acting out to satisfy his desires; for power, for ultimate control, to be king!
his desire for power was so great that it overrode any qualms he had about betraying his King, a relative, as well as his own country. that must be A LOT of desire!

2) Besides he was struggling against supernatural powers who most likely had more control over him. the witches, and his wife who was filled with evil spirits. How could Macbeth go against these "instruments of darkness" so full of "direst cruelty" it is as if there is no way out.


3) But he struggles with his conscience. He knows what he is doing is treason, is morally wrong, and he feels remorse as soon as he has committed the crime and feels that knowing what he had done, it was better not to know himself. he feels disgusted with what he has done. In his desire and quest for power, Macbeth remains aware that his actions are shameful, and sacrilegious. So its okay lah! Poor macbeth.


okay for those who don't sympathise with macbeth
we've got a bit more isi

1. macbeth displayed immense weakness in controlling his desires from overpowering him. biasalah he is a man. 
The witches prophecies merely spoke of something that might take place in the future. kan? 

BUT greed drove Macbeth to take matters into his own hands and plot to kill the king. He only listened to advice that encouraged him to fulfil these desires.

listened to wife, but not to Banquo

2. Desire revealed Macbeth's true colours of being a hypocrite and a traitor.
he betrayed his king who is his own relative and guest in his house after earning the kings "double trust." 

3. macbeth knew what he was doing was a sin. He found that he could not even say "amen" after hearing Donalbain and Malcolm praying. His conscience troubles him often and causes hallucinations and ghostly apparitions, and voices.  
But Macbeth plunders on killing anybody in the way of his throne letting conscience take a back seat 

-when he murders the king
-when he has Banquo murdered
-when he has Macduff's family killed

4.  Lady Macbeth is another example of a gila who lets desire take control of her. 

because of her "deep and dark desires", she renounces her womanly nature, going against the natural order of things. she calls upon the spirits to turn her "milk" into "gall" and fill her from "crown to toe, top-full of direst cruelty"

the babi also challenges Macbeth's manhood and says that he is too "full o'the milk of human kindness" and says only when he kills duncan can he be called a man.
she fell prey to her own desires and was the final push that drove macbeth to commit the first murder. 

P.s this whole post is about one issue only. I believe we can choose to talk about Macbetty in a nice or not so nice way. =D

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