Saturday, 15 January 2011

Linguistics makes me sweat!

Okay  Mr. sapir-and his ex student whorf wrote about how they thought that our culture determines our language, and that our language determines our thoughts and perceptions of the universe and reality. 

but how!??!

I don't understand or see how this is possible. What does it meannnn?????? ( brain freeze)

Hey reader, a very good sunday morning to you too!

I have not been to church this week, because the aunty who normally sends me is in Penang and I didn't really put in much effort to find alternative transport. In times like this, I truly believe God is everywhere. =D =D (mummy if you read this, I prayed in my room)

To a friend who has started smoking again
I guess I'm not surprised!

" Do we know only what we see? Or do we see what we somehow already know?"- Cynthia Ozick


Lydia Chai said...

Always like your paint drawing. So simple yet cute. I thought Sapir Whorf is a person; they are two different people eh? Check out this article..

lizamaria said...

yep checked it out thanks for that. still rather clueless about it though..=S