Friday, 15 October 2010

dopey days

Okay, (I don't know why I always start with okay) the past few days have been not so interesting to blog about but allow me to bore you to tears anyway...

ooh hang on,

ok wait you can't really see the shirts 
ahh there we go ..

these fun "cheer you up" t-shirts cost us rm 10 each. 

heard of nasyid Marc?
anyway this super famous nasyid group came to our college and held a concert 

so you know me, 
where there are remotely famous people, 
there I will be!
really enjoyed NOWSEEHEART (grp name) with Azie, Emily and Siti (azie's neighbour)
their voices are awesome
pluss they have a good sense of humour


I went jogging with the two bums up there around IPDA. Previously, it was their "thing" so i just entered the friday jogging club i
then we very determinedly marched all the way to the roadside food court to the fourth stall in order to purchase nasi lemak and teh tarik, the ultimate malaysian breakfast 
~laughed talked gossip~
and walked back

then I was determined to stay and sleep
at 3pm, I promised Helena Arif that i would do MUET practice with him.
BUT then
this little persuasive kid by the name of Haryanis, 
managed to tempt me to go to Jitra mall, to maybe catch a movie and "ushar" all the clothes in the world

I went ( in my head I remembered  have to be back by 3pm)

we went, but there was no nice we walked around...and saw soooo many cheap+ nice shoes, bags, clothes, specks phones, SHOES, BAG, CLOTHES and many more...

luckily i brought my brains along to Jitra Mall and decided it would be 
 unwise to buy everything in the shop

below is an epic conversation between my vital organs

HEART: Heyyy, that looks nice, LIZa BUY IT NOW!

BRAIN: wtf heart, shut up...NO NEED TO not be STUPID

HEART: ooohhh tshirt RM 10!!! GET it!!!!!!!!!!

BRAIN:  Lizamaria listen to me. this is your brain speaking. If you buy it you will have NO money for food   and will STARVE to death
and Manju will find your body in your room rotting like an idiot with an empty wallet
and a new ciplak Thailand tshirt. and No ONE will GO to an idiot's funeral!

HEART: jeez..*speechless*

so I followed my brain's advice, and didn't get anything.

except some cool button badges for me and my friends =D

suddenly i became uncomfortable.. I KNEW there was something important I had to do....but i couldn't remember what.

MUET practice!! 3 pm!!
I glanced at my phone...2.55pm and we were eating super chun hot 
nasi goreng...farrrkkkkk

so I told him we were still in Jitra, and I would be a bit late.
he seemed aite so I took my time...
in the end we arrived at 4.30 pm...but I had good fun with Emily Azie and Siti, 
Emily almosst boght jeans but decided they were not worth it in the end.
Good for saying 'no' emily...

okay typing is getting so dull, my fingers are protesting...jfkaib fr see what i mean jfkdlshpga h]0` t
stop it fingers!
okay i've entertained myself doing that..

here's what arif went through

sorry boh!

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emily said...

nice post!!!funny one i suppose!!
enjoyed reading it pan**..sori cant say it loud here...=p