Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bloody medical

what AN effing LECEH process.

cheh, had to get up at six, so that i was ready at seven for medical at eight. grateful to uncle Chacko, who managed to get us in early for a medical.

the nurse took my weight, height, and blood pressure. and tested my eyesight.

i thought i would HAVE to do a blood test...haha aids or whatever..


but to see the doctor for all the other checkups, like respiratory, ears, mouth, i had to ocome back at 2pm. LECEH part 1

then i went to the dental department. coz there are TWO bloody questions there. do i have cavities?. am i wearing dentures.. but the nurse CANNOT do this simple check...MUST wait for doctor!!!...WTH...2pm

and i have to do a test for drugs. mother...urine test.. i've never done one before. so im all uncomfortable and stuff...XD the nurse said if i do it at the clinic it might take two weeks. CANNOT. so she suggested i do it at a private place. BP lab same row as Jason's tuition center.

i went there.. and this YOUNG MAN doctor dealt with me. "aiyaah!!!"...i thought when i was asked to see him. then he filled in the particulars. testing for Cannabis and Morphine. no expression on his face. he gave me the container. and marked a line somewhere near the bottom.

"fill up to this line"

and i obviously went to the toilet in the morning and dont really need to go anytime soon. so stupidly i say. "'oookaaay what if i dont have any urine"

with no expression, he goes" at least half"


three hours later.....*aaaahhhhhh*

haha joking joking

three minutes later
, my bladder apparently regularly stores urine in case of an emergency drug test. the cheeky bugger.

they said it would be ready by four earliest. BASKET!! that means i have to complete the medical another day. coz they wont do it without the drug test. NEGATIVE.

oh yeah! wet for an x-ray as well.

i thought just stand there innit...

"okay miss buka tshirt, buka baju dalam, rantai buka"

and im like HAH!!!! no way!!!!!!!!...motherrr..then there was this horny fat guy next to her, like looking at the forms and stuff, wearing this gown scratching his ass!

"dalam sana ada changing room. pakain gown ikat belakang"

and i'm like" OWHH OKAY...ahhahaha"PHEWW

so it takes about a minute. breathe in- x ray -breathe out

so all the uncomfortable bits are over lah....now i just have to get my dental at two. and collect my urine test results.

sigh maybe no lagoon tomorrow. anyway only three of us were going, sooo... yeaaa....

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