Thursday, 9 July 2009


LOL!. Sunway Lagoon IS fun, even if it is only with two other people. i went today with yean may and bryan, we left at like 9 in the morning and, reached lagoon at about ten thirty after a long breakfast in McDs chatting about random stuff from school, to younger siblings, to c*ck! haha
that was nice...

we started on this buffalo ride, which yean may thought(mistake) was damn chun ass fast awesome . well it turned out to be bloody damn POTONG ride, which for some reason we went for twice...oh yeah coz the other chun ride hadnt opened yet.

the next one was some MINI rollercoaster but you get wet, and it was kinda chun, until we started moving upwards and everyone *me* started falling *slipping* backwards coz

FRONT: liza

MIDDLE: yean may

BACK: bryan

yean may: LIZAAA GET OFF GO UP!!!...hold the bar...BODOH #&*(^@&%!!!'re falling on me!!!
but i could at least hold on to the rubber thing in front
(btw the metal bars on the side are useless, coz its wet and slippery)

second round

FRONT: bryan

MIDDLE: liza

BACK: yean may

this time theres was no rubber thing infront. so when it got damn steep, and yean may started shouting coz i was falling on her, i just grabbed bryans (easy to tear t-shirt -.-")

bryan: LIZAA DONT ITS GOING TO TEAR!!!!...cannot!!, IT WILL TEAR...

liza: but got nothing,...ahh f*ck....(slipping slipping).....grab tshirt again..

bryan: cannot!!!!...ahhhh!!!!!

liza: motha!!!...ahhHH!!!! sorry yean may!!! ( falls on her)

third round

FRONT: yean may

MIDDLE: bryan

END: liza relaxing, you lean on this back rest THE whole time. while yean may screamed her heart out in front *weakling*
when the steep part came, and bryan THOUGHT he was going to slip, i made sure that DIDNT happen, by sticking out my feet in front of me!

then we went to some float rotating, crap.
then continued to the "wet park", lame slides,

then yean may said
"lets go mushroom lets go mushroom!"

*flashback in mc ds*

yean may: i wanna wait for the mushroom to start!!
so im thinking...WHOA what is this mushroom!?!? mUST be chunass right??....
its actually

a piece of shade....with water coming down n the side....
later on yean may wanted to sit on the ferris wheel. while bryan and I were looking out for the scissors ride!...

i thought the ferris wheel would at least move faster than an obese man carrying a pregnant lady, carrying sextuplets!!!!...but it was not that fast la.

finally we got off!, and managed to get directions to the *i prefer calling it the hammer things instead of scissors*
it was pretty chun!!..but by then we were sleepy and FRIGGIN hungry

before that!!!! we tried this pirates revenge ride!!!, ahhh damn chun!!!.....but yean may was not so happy about the whole experience..

but we did that altogether three times...although for the last time we had to force yean may *feel bad*...not!...*im sure secretly she enjoyed it*

pigged out on PIZZA HUT later on, and in the train station, we bumped into pat and one ANG MOH chick beside her>......i couldnt see clearly but from far brown lushes hair, and super honey brown eyes...WAAH...but in the end, it turned out to be my NOT ANG MOH good friend DODO!!...doreen/ tay poh chin/ reen poh chin/

this girl, heh changed A BIIIIITTTT but for the better la....more fun now eh doreen

DOREEN: eh liza *karat accent* better go blog about today ..i want to see my name inside..
i read your name never featured once also....

LIZA: ermm ok, but doreen as if you feature my name a lot of times....just that once when you commented on a fake picture of me, and cleavage...
so THAT was today....

and im now a day away from leaving.

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