Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the semester end POEM

In my last end-of-semester-post I shamelessly created a poem in the most atrocious BM about my classmates.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m no longer with exactly the same people. 

In fact early last year, we were reshuffled and well, let me introduce you to a few new classmates of mine.

Goodbye Niah, Ifah, Vina and Shalu,
Azie, Arif , Hafiz and Ikhwan boo hoo,
We’re still good friends that much is true..
But here are some new people that I should introduce too.
At first it was hard to adjust,
I wondered why we were put to this test,
But fate wanted us to mingle
And these new people made my heart jingle.

Aizul and Mei Mei
Mei- Mei seems wise beyond her years,
And is certainly more serious than most of her peers,
Moga is probably one of the nicest girls,
Her hair is longggg and full of curls,
Doreen is a beauty queen
I still wonder how she stays so lean!
Lydia, seems a pro at the juggle,
Of assignments and fun,
I always struggle,
And wei wen is the sweetest chick
But she’s really efficient and really quick,
At getting all the boring stuff done,
While the rest of us laze around and have fun...

When it comes to thigh slapping laughter
There’s only one person to go after,
Our very own amiruzairayy
Who could have us in stitches the whole day!
If responsibility were balanced

With stability
Then there’s a big probability
The only one with that ability
Is abdul alif Sulaiman
Who is one
 who won’t shun the ton!

Aizul hafizee
Joshua and Doreen
Likes to take it easy
and makes life look breezy
Okay that was cheesy

Joshua looks quite scary
Someone you would want to parry
Even though he has made girls cry,
He’s actually a friendly guy.

And there you have it the new addition
But we’re already on a brand new mission
To UPSI we now must go
and leave Kedah and the people we know
for two years, it seems a very long time
and so far apart, now that’s a crime..
but time as we know, flies
before you can let out a sigh
We’ll be back in Kedah to say Hi
But for now I shall not cry,
Instead I bid you all goodbye!


Wenny said...

nice post Liza! I feel so proud to see my photo being placed as the very first picture of your post. Hahaha. Jk jk. But, the example of the boring stuff is like? And then, am I that efficient? @_@

lizamaria said...

thanks wei wen....haha...oh.boring stuff is like those things that I will procrastinate for...and end up not doing liek...little bits of homework...and YEAH you are efficient...always getting things done...in my humble opinion la...hehe...=D