Saturday, 22 January 2011

Replay Replay Replay

You have no idea how embarrassed I am to admit this, but the Britney craze has hit me again.

1. Hit me Baby One more Time

2. Oops I did it Again

3. Stronger

4. Born to make you happy

5. Overprotected

6. Bombastic Love

its so hard to find a decent picture of this woman

and they're on friggin REPLAY!! as in I don't listen to ANYTHING else now. everything else makes me annoyed. haha.

But what is it about these phases, where you just dig up your teen music and listen to them allllll dayyyy longgg???....I'm sure theres a psychological explanation to all of this. I'll figure mine out.

Anyway, I'm pretty nervous about or reading assignment, which I haven't started yet. Group work progress ZERO! 
and i absolutely hate to be the nagger, the one who bugs and annoys everyones life about the group work so hopefully we start soon. =D=D


A funny story to end this.

Tonight's meeting was cancelled because zainy had to play futsal at night. "Zainy" and "futsal" shouldn't be in the same sentence in the first place! 

So to make him a bit guilty, I said emily and I had ridden a motorcycle to church and were now risking a traffic accident death to reach in time for the meeting. But Zainy didn't believe me, so I started blowing in the phone to make wind sounds. (we were actually in the van and zainy heard the karaoke music playing) so cheh that lie flopped. 
but he was confused at first! muahahha..

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